There's Some Good News and Some Bad News

Written on the 9th of November

Student's ground breaking innovation in televised news production has cured cancer, AIDS, rescued a puppy and reunited Korea.

2025, the Year Social Media Burned Down

Written on the 4th of November

Ten years ago, Facebook was just starting out, MySpace was tested positive for AIDS and was a parked domain name. What changed and what will change in the next ten?

Facebook Entertainer Extraordinaire

Written on the 28th of October

The title doesn't really do justice to illustrate the strange landscape of Facebook entertainment and entertainers.

Reality TV Round Up

Written on the 14th of October

The task was to throw together an idea for an original reality show idea.

Ziggy and Mo

Written on the 14th of October

Two music videos. Two music icons. Two figures of relevance or irrelevance?

The Business of Cinema

Written on the 8th of October

The big Hollywood studios struggle to reinvent themselves in a way that would capture the interest of their withering young demographic. What strategies can be adopted to reclaim the share of the entertainment business that the internet and television have eaten away?

The Attempted Analysis of Close to the Edge

Written on the 6th of October

Progressive rock (or prog in slang terms), is the musical response to rock and roll in the 60s, where it began as a way of experimenting and expanding the horizons of the bigger musical genre, however at the cost of popularity and critical acclaim.

Mindtrek day 1

Written on the 25th of September

Mentally challenging couple of days. What I mean to say is that the conference was a blast in more ways then just showing up and physically taking up space in the venue.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends

Written on the 16th of September

Hey, I’m Tamas, not super keen on introduction posts so I will keep it short and simple.